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Exploring the Transition: (Formerly)Azure Active Directory is now Microsoft Entra ID


In this detailed exploration of the transition from Azure Active Directory to Microsoft Entra ID, we uncover the seamless evolution of this essential identity and access management service. Formerly known as Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Entra ID represents a significant shift in the digital landscape, offering enhanced features and functionalities for users. This transition brings forth a new era of streamlined access to resources, improved security measures, and a user-centric approach to identity management. 

What is Microsoft Entra ID? & Who uses Microsoft Entra ID?

Microsoft Entra ID, a cloud-based identity and access management service, enables your employees to securely access external resources such as Microsoft 365, the Azure portal, and various SaaS applications. Additionally, it facilitates access to internal resources like corporate intranet apps and custom cloud applications developed for your organization.

Microsoft Entra ID is utilized by a wide range of users, including individuals, organizations, businesses, and enterprises seeking robust identity and access management solutions. It caters to employees within organizations, enabling secure access to both external and internal resources such as Microsoft 365, Azure portal, SaaS applications, corporate intranet apps, and custom cloud applications. Additionally, Microsoft Entra ID offers a comprehensive platform for managing user identities, enhancing security measures, and facilitating seamless access to various digital resources across different industries and sectors.

Which features work in Microsoft Entra ID?

Microsoft Entra ID offers a plethora of features designed to enhance identity & access management capabilities for users. Some key features include secure access to external resources like Microsoft 365 and SaaS applications, seamless integration with the Azure portal, robust authentication mechanisms, role-based access control, multi-factor authentication for enhanced security, single sign-on functionality for streamlined user experience, user provisioning and de-provisioning, self-service password reset options, audit logs for tracking user activities, compliance reporting tools, and the ability to manage access to both internal and external resources efficiently. These features collectively contribute to a comprehensive and user-friendly identity management experience within the Microsoft Entra ID platform.

What’s the difference between Microsoft Entra ID and Active Directory?

Microsoft Entra ID and Active Directory are both identity & access management services offered by Microsoft, but they cater to different environments and serve distinct purposes. Active Directory, traditionally known as on-premises directory services, is designed for managing user identities, permissions, and access to resources within a company’s internal network. On the other hand, Microsoft Entra ID is a cloud-based identity management service that extends these capabilities to cloud resources, enabling secure access to both external and internal applications and services. While Active Directory is typically suited for in-house environments, Microsoft Entra ID provides a modern solution for organizations embracing cloud-based infrastructure and applications. Additionally, Microsoft Entra ID offers more flexibility, scalability, and integrated security features compared to the traditional on-premises Active Directory service.

How is Entra ID set up?

At the core of Entra ID lies a crucial element referred to as a ‘tenant.’ This tenant serves as a distinct instance of Entra ID customized for a particular company. Setting up a tenant involves enrolling your organization in a Microsoft cloud service like Microsoft 365 and providing essential information such as your company’s name and location. The initial domain name is created by combining the specified name with ‘’ (e.g., and remains fixed, though you can integrate custom domain names like into your tenant. Each tenant features an exclusive and reliable Entra ID directory containing users, groups, and apps specific to the tenant, managing identity & access operations for the tenant’s resources.

How it interacts with devices

In Microsoft Active Directory, Group Policy serves as a powerful tool for computer management. It enables various functions such as preventing unauthorized machine installation, implementing computer lockdowns after periods of inactivity, automating software update deployment, and limiting the use of removable storage devices.

In Microsoft Entra ID, device management is handled through Microsoft Intune, allowing for tailored rules for organization-owned and BYOD devices. Intune enables actions like blocking jailbroken devices, deploying VPN certificates, and wiping data from lost devices. Integration with Microsoft Security Copilot enhances security monitoring by sending telemetry data from Intune-managed devices. Transitioning to Entra ID from Hybrid Join involves device removal from Active Directory and reprovisioning. Quest offers a solution for seamless device transfer to Entra ID, streamlining endpoint modernization, and enabling Security Copilot integration with Intune.

what is entra product & Its on-premises?

Microsoft Entra product is a comprehensive family of identity and network access products

Microsoft Entra ID Free.Provides user and group management, in-house directory synchronization, basic reports, self-service password change for cloud users, and single sign-on across Azure, Microsoft 365, and many popular SaaS apps.

What is identity and access management (IAM)?

It ensures that the right people, machines, and software components get access to the right resources at the right time. First, the person, machine, or software component proves they’re who or what they claim to be. Then, the person, machine, or software component is allowed or denied access to or use of certain resources.

In Conclusion

Microsoft Entra ID stands as a versatile and powerful cloud-based solution. With robust features for user authentication, device management, and security monitoring, Entra ID offers organizations a comprehensive platform to ensure secure access to resources and streamline identity management processes. The integration with Microsoft Intune and Security Copilot further enhances its capabilities, enabling seamless device management and advanced security measures. By transitioning to Microsoft Entra ID, organizations can embrace a modern approach to identity management, improve operational efficiency, and enhance overall security posture in today’s digital landscape.